All Saints Episcopal Church

All Saints Episcopal Church of San Benito, TX - 2015 News

Hello and welcome and to our webpage! Here you will find information on church services, a calendar of events, a fun photo gallery of our most recent activities, as well as information on our wonderful church history. Please, feel free to browse around through the pages!

Upcoming Church Events
For more information regarding upcoming events, please be sure to visit our news and events section.
    • May 10- Mother's Day
    • May 14- Ascension Day/Sharing Faith Dinner ( Principal Feast)
    • May 24- Pentecost (Principle Feast)
    • May 31- Trinity Sunday (Principle Feast)
    • June 1- Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Holy Day Mass 6-7 pm
    • June 15-19- Vacation Bible School 9 am -12 pm
    • June 24- Nativity of St. John the Baptist



      For more detailed information regarding our events, please be sure to view the News & Events section of the website.
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